Institut des réviseurs d'entreprises

Master in Accounting and Audit

The Luxembourg University academic Master programme in Accounting and Audit has been developed in partnership with leading academics and practitioners. The programme offers scientifically based in-depth knowledge of all specialist areas that are relevant to the field of accounting and auditing, without neglecting the practical relevance of the teaching content or the preparation of candidates for the job market. Students completing the degree course acquire the expertise to solve practical problems on a scientifically sound basis.

This Master's programme offers advantages in terms of subsequently starting a professional or academic career, mainly because many relevant companies and important organisations are based in Luxembourg. Leading international accounting, auditing and tax firms maintain key branches in Luxembourg.

This Master's programme has also been designed to provide candidates, who would like to start a carreer as "réviseur d'entreprises" (statutory auditor) in Luxembourg and have choosen the "Track 1 / Réviseur d’entreprises" option, with the academic requirements necessary to enter the "réviseur d'entreprises" practical training ("Stage"). Those candidates are also dispensed from taking the corresponding examinations of the certificate of complementary training normally required to become a "réviseur d'entreprises" (statutory auditor) in Luxembourg.

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